A pillowcase. Generic? Impersonal? Not! Think of a pediatric oncology patient checking into the hospital for treatment. Upon arrival their room looks pretty much like every other in the hospital… except on the bed where they find a brightly colored pillowcase that was selected by a caring nurse.

A Case for Caring provides unique, fun pillowcases for pediatric oncology patients. Nurses have told us about the positive emotional impact this simple item can have on a hospitalized child. It personalizes their bed during treatment and they take it home when they leave.

Our first recipient hospitals will be Central DuPage Hospital in Illinois, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California. Our goal is to put 100 pillowcases in the storage room at each hospital so that nurses will have plenty from which to choose for their incoming patients.

Will you help? We are soliciting either pillow cases or contributions to support this project.  Monetary donations will be acknowledged with a receipt from Calliope Foundation, a 501(c) charity.

Bonnie Kellogg, a member of the Calliope Foundation Board of Directors, was inspired to initiate this program after conversations her niece, a pediatric oncology RN at Central DuPage Hospital in Illinois.

About the Calliope Foundation

Calliope Foundation is a US Federally approved Not-For-Profit Organization 501(c)(3). Contributions to Calliope Foundation are tax-exempt.

Our non-profit tax id # is 32-0208665.

Calliope Foundation Board of Directors include Bonnie Kellogg, Tim Cannard and Bradley M.J. Kellogg, Esq. The Board is not paid. We maximize every dollar we raise for the purpose of the organization.

Calliope Foundation welcomes your tax-exempt donation by check or PayPal. Donations earmarked for a specific organization will be allocated 100% to that organization. Or you can donate to the shared fund with the confidence that we will make every effort to maximize the value to worthy individuals using your dollars.

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